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Bay Timer: Enhance Customer Experience

Expectations are an important part of customer satisfaction.  By providing opportunities for customers to be aware of service times and status, you can set accurate expectations and improve customer experience.  Bay Timer offers an up-to-date status of your customer’s visit with color-coded bay times.   Read More

ISI Documentation: Part 2

Last month, we explored LubeSoft® documentation available to you with easy access and extensive resources.  In addition, ISI provides comprehensive documentation for ISI Central™.  We believe thorough resources are of critical importance in supporting and maximizing the use of ISI software.  With sixteen articles and eight training videos, ISI Central documentation covers National Vehicle Sharing, ISI Central Reporting dictionary, ISI Central Setups Overview, and Setups training videos.   Read More

ISI Documentation: Part 1

Did you know you have access to extensive documentation for LubeSoft® and ISI Central at the click of a button?  ISI offers a central resource for quick and easy access to procedures, training, and setup instructions.  Articles cover extensive topics including: getting started, equipment guides, procedures, inventory, invoicing, reports, integrations, and much more.

 In addition, we provide comprehensive training videos to walk you through processes step-by-step.  We encourage you to explore the videos below to learn more.   Read More

ESM: Review of Selected New Functionality

In July of 2020, we introduced the powerful and intuitive re-design of the Electronic Service Manual® (ESM). ESM provides you important Motor Chek-Chart vehicle information directly from the work-order screen.  The updates offer browser-based navigation with increased ease and accessibility of added functionality.  Operators are saying the new ESM has expedited their workflow and is the best update yet!   Read More

Important Reminder: Make Sure Your LubeSoft® System is Up To Date

If you have not already upgraded your LubeSoft® computer, CPU, to be able to run the most recent updates and receive the latest from filter manufacturers, please contact your ISI salesman. Some of you are missing updated filter changes and additions. Recent feature enhancements include the new browser-based Electronic Service Manual (ESM). Your CPU must meet minimum specifications in order to use the updated ESM. Please do not delay any further if you have not already updated. Read More