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Coupons and Discounts Tracking

Advertising and Promotions are a vital component of operating a business, including your lube center.  However, tracking the success and effectiveness of your campaigns is equally as important as the advertising itself.

Tracking promotions, including Coupons and Discounts, has been an available tool to you in LubeSoft® since the beginning.  Like any other tool, how you use it determines the effect it can have on the management of your business. Read more…

Utilizing GSR Benefits Page

In past ISI Insider issues, we emphasized use of the LubeSoft® Graphical Service Review as a tool to use with each customer and how consistently using it helps build the relationship with customers.  As stated in the September 2015 ISI Insider: “Graphical Service Review is a powerful presentation tool that develops relationships with customers while simultaneously allowing you to showcase the services you can provide.”

The Benefits page in Graphical Service Review can be a valuable tool for you and your staff to use as you engage customers in conversation about the services recommended for their vehicle by the manufacturer.  ISI has already provided benefit information about six of the main services, but did you know you can also create your own Benefits page and link it to the service?

Here are a few examples of ways ISI customers have customized the Benefits page to their business with the message they want to communicate to their customers about services they perform.

  • Build a quick Benefits list for a service. This can be a simple, easy to read, 3-4 item bullet list with explanation of how the customer benefits from the service.
  • Source 3rd party videos (30-45 seconds in length) showing a service with listed benefits.
  • Work with a supplier to source content and show their logo on the benefits page.
  • Use short customer testimonials about the benefits they experienced from the service.

As noted, ISI supplies information on the Benefits page for six of the 22 possible services. To help your staff and your customers, consider how you can create your own benefits information for all of the services you show during the service review.  

To learn how to link benefit pages to your services, contact your ISI salesman for more information.

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EMV Certified Payment Processing

isi-merchant-partner-integrated-credit-card-processing-now-fully-emv-certifiedISI’s Merchant Partner Integrated Credit Card Processing Now Fully EMV Certified

ISI’s recent integration with Merchant Partners meets our customer’s credit card processing needs, has competitive pricing, offers integrated fleet card and gift card programs, and is now EMV certified.  The EMV certification process requires extensive testing of every type of possible transaction a terminal is capable of performing.  Our certified integration will keep up and advance with the growing demands of the industry with EMV processing, signature capture, and NFC processing (Apple Pay™, Android Pay™, Samsung Pay™).

Read more…

A Special Note from the CEO


Valued ISI Customers,

As 2016 comes quickly to a close, we want to express our sincere gratitude to you for your business and your friendship.  Thank you for entrusting us to serve you and your business.

New and long term customers have played an invaluable role in ISI’s endeavor to not only meet your needs, but to partner alongside you as you strive for excellence in your own business.

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Thanking Your Customers: Promotions and Loyalty Programs

thanking-your-customers-promotions-gift-cardsIn the midst of a delightful but hurried holiday season, it often can be challenging to take time to reflect on the year with appreciation for who drives your business- your customers.  You work tirelessly to improve and provide high quality experiences and service to set your business apart.

In the spirit of this season, this may be an opportune time to offer customers a “thank you” for their loyal business through seasonal promotions or discounts.

Here are a few ways to offer promotions: Read more…