“Thanks to ISI’s LubeSoft®, we doubled in size! We went from four locations to eight using LubeSoft’s effective management controls. I especially like how at the Central Office each morning, all store operating information is there waiting for me. LubeSoft® is also a great help to our store managers because throughout the day they can easily access important data such as reorder points and labor statistics.”

Derrick Oxender, Victory Lane
LubeSoft customer since 1994


“What I like about ISI’s LubeSoft is you get a superior computer system that is also easy to use. It takes little time for new employees to learn how to use LubeSoft, but at the same time it has very valuable management tools that I use to improve my business. I’m glad I didn’t have to settle for a lesser system.”

Joe Redmond, Kwik Kar
LubeSoft customer since 1999


“The ISI LubeSoft system is a valuable tool that allows us to integrate POS, inventory management and accounts receivable seamlessly into one system. LubeSoft will grow with a starting business or adapt to a multi-outlet company. I highly recommend LubeSoft to everyone whether they are just starting out or well-established.”

Carl Muench, Speed Lube
LubeSoft customer since 1998


“When you’re running a fast-paced shop, you can’t afford to wait for support help. LubeSoft’s support team understands that. They go the extra mile to answer your questions immediately — and when lines are busy, they always call back within minutes. With LubeSoft, you always get the help you need.”

Bev Cavinder, Oil ‘N’ Go
LubeSoft customer since 1993


“With LubeSoft’s help, our franchise exceeds the industry average in daily car count by 25 percent. LubeSoft helps our crew work fast — and the faster they go, the more customers we service. When we’re servicing cars, cashing out and running reports, LubeSoft keeps going without slowing us down.”

Ricky Brooks, Express Oil Change
LubeSoft customers since 1995