Flexibility and robust reporting capabilities are what make ISI Central a crucial asset for your business. As we continue our series on ISI Central reports, which we began earlier this spring, remember that these are just a few of the over 90 pre-built and customizable reports exclusive to ISI Central. The two reports highlighted below offer concise and actionable insights for evaluating employee metrics in your store(s).


  • Employee Timesheet Audit:
    • The Employee Timesheet Audit report enables you to monitor if employees’ regular clock in/out times are being altered from the originally recorded times. Frequent timesheet edits could signal a need for additional timeclock procedure training or potential time theft issues. We recommend reviewing this report at the end of each pay period.


  • Traffic Report:
    • The Traffic Report is an invaluable tool for predicting employee scheduling needs based on traffic patterns. This report shows business trends by day and time of day, helping you optimize staffing levels. We suggest running the report for full week periods, such as the last eight weeks.


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