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ISI Central Reporting: Informed Decision Making (Part 2)

As part of our ongoing reporting series, we’re highlighting another valuable report designed to enhance operational decision-making and analysis. Leveraging this report will give you a more comprehensive view of employee performance, enabling you to evaluate and refine training programs effectively.

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ISI Central Reporting: Informed Decision Making (Part 1)

This month, we’re excited to present a report from ISI Central Reporting that offers a concise overview of store practices and procedures. This report delivers valuable insights into store operations, tailored to optimize your team’s use of the Service Review program and drive sales performance.


Conversion Ratio by Employee Report:

The Conversion Ratio by Employee Report offers a comprehensive overview of your employees’ effectiveness in utilizing the Review program during customer visits. It highlights key metrics and calculates conversion ratios to help you identify areas for improvement.

Here’s what you can expect from this report:

  • Total Number of Customer Visits: Discover how many customer visits each employee worked in the Upper Bay position.
  • Graph Screen and Review Form Interaction: Determine how often employees accessed the graph screen or requested the Review form to be printed.
  • Sales Opportunities: Identify the total number of graphs or forms showing “Due Now” services, indicating potential sales opportunities.
  • Total Sales Opportunity: Gain insight into the total sales opportunity if every “Due Now” service was sold.
  • “Due Now” Services: Track the number of “Due Now” services printed or displayed upon technician request.
  • Services Sold and Completed: Determine the number of “Due Now” services that were successfully sold and completed.
  • Conversion Ratio: Calculate the conversion ratio based on the number of services sold and completed.

By utilizing these insights, you can provide targeted training to improve presentation and sales skills.

Stay tuned for more detailed reporting features next month! 

Questions? Call your ISI salesperson at 800.922.3099 or visit us at ints.com.

LubeSoft® Refund Processing: Streamlining Your Operations

In case you haven’t heard, LubeSoft®  has a new and exciting feature– Refund Processing. This new feature enables you to effortlessly and efficiently handle both full and partial refunds, all while ensuring a thorough record of each transaction is maintained. Read More

ISI Pay Fleet Card Integration: Now Available

If you haven’t heard the news already, ISI has expanded payment options to now include national fleet cards. Integrated Fleet Card Payment Processing is equipped with EMV certified payments solution from ISIPay™.This integration brings efficiency to a whole new level, enabling you to seamlessly accept fleet cards with confidence.

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Happy Thanksgiving From the President

As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to express heartfelt gratitude to each of you for placing your faith in ISI. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the importance of reflecting on the reasons we have to be thankful.

This year our world has presented unique challenges and many may not feel they are in a place to feel thankful. We wish to extend a special message of support and encouragement to those facing difficulties.

Amid the busyness, we like to pause and appreciate the relationships that have grown ISI to where it is today. Your trust and partnership are the bedrock of ISI, and for that, we are sincerely thankful.

This Thanksgiving, my hope is that you are able to reflect on the moments for which you are thankful.

Wishing you a warm and joyous Thanksgiving filled with reflection and appreciation.

With gratitude,

Steve Barram

Integrated Services, Inc.