As part of our ongoing reporting series, we’re highlighting another valuable report designed to enhance operational decision-making and analysis. Leveraging this report will give you a more comprehensive view of employee performance, enabling you to evaluate and refine training programs effectively.

  • Services Sold by Employee Report:
    • Expanding on the insights from the “Conversion Ratio by Employee” report, the “Services Sold by Employee” report provides a detailed analysis of each employee’s effectiveness in presenting and selling “Due Now” service types. This report allows you to pinpoint areas where additional training and support could significantly boost performance. By combining these reports, you can fully optimize your team’s potential and drive sales growth. Recognize your top performers, identify opportunities for improvement, and equip your staff with the tools they need to excel.


We suggest using this report over several weeks to establish a performance baseline, comparing your strongest employees’ results to identify where further training and support might be necessary.


Stay tuned for more detailed reporting features next month!


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