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2017 ISI Christmas Party

A special congratulations to our President’s Award – Employee of the Year (2017) winners Jodie Basaraba and Crystal Warsop and CEO Choice Award (2017) winner Martin Voelker.

2016 ISI Christmas Party




A special congratulations to our President’s Award – Employee of the Year (2016) winner Brandon Hoyle and CEO Choice Award (2016) winner Jill M. Ashley.

The Fast Lube Process: From Start to Finish

Ever wonder if your fast lube process could be improved? Check out this quick video on the ideal fast lube process, from start to finish. It includes greeting the customer, alignment check, service review, oil change, tire rotation and checkout – all in under 10 minutes!

Step 1: Greeting – By greeting your customers before they even enter the shop, you’re able to greet them, check them into your system and perform light checks.

Step 2: Alignment Check – Quickly and easily perform a free alignment check for your customers right when they pull into the bay.

Step 3: Service Review – Take an interactive, mobile-ready service review to your customers. Review service recommendations, service history and service benefits with your customers.

Step 4: Oil Change – Using the patented ZipPit, your technicians can quickly change oil and perform under-the-car services.

Step 5: Tire Rotation – With the Blazer 9000 Lift, you can rotate tires while the customer stays in the car.

Step 6: Checkout – After guiding customers off the bay, you can use mobile checkout and signature capture to complete the transaction.