We believe having actionable and useful tools at your fingertips makes a huge difference in the operations of your business.  Last month, we reviewed Fleet Return Analysis and Business and Statistics as two of our featured ISI Central Reports.  This month, we are featuring two reports that provide a quick snapshot and overview of store practices and procedures.   

  • Conversion Ratio by Store
    • Use this report to review the conversion of services sold based on the Service Review recommendations, based on the vehicle manufacturers maintenance schedule. The report shows the number of service reviews presented and/or printed for the date range of the report. It also shows how many red, due now, services have been converted into sold services. This report is a helpful tool to see if additional training is required to guide technicians on using the correct service review procedures you expect in your store.
  • Store Opening Closing Report
    • The Store Opening Closing Report is helpful for owners to review to make sure store management has opened the store on time and does not close the store earlier than scheduled.  Both opening and close are tracked by employee ID.

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