The new year always presents an opportunity to focus on what is most important. We’ve said this before and will continue to repeat ourselves; without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Your input is deeply valued by our team.  Our recently added enhancements are all focused around meeting your needs based on your feedback.  Our goal is to provide you with relevant tools to support the functions of your business.  

Added Features 

  • LubeSoft® enhanced Electronic Manual Screen (ESM) with added information and tools for your technicians, including engine and vehicle diagrams, lighting part numbers, and wiper blade sizes.
  • ISIPay Integrated credit card processing. ISIPay is a fully integrated credit card processing solution that features end-to-end encryption within a single payment processor. Save on fees and eliminate credit card processing input errors with integrated ISIPay terminal. Wired and Wireless terminals available. (US customers only)
  • ISI Central Setups: New tools have been added to more easily manage the main LubeSoft setups, especially for multi-store operators.  
  • Coming Soon: ISI TXT2PAY® option to use in conjunction with ISIPay integrated credit card processing. Offer your customers a secure, contactless, quick and easy option to text their secure payment. (US customers only)

Interested in learning more about the new features? Contact your ISI sales person at 800.922.3099 or visit us at