In continuation of our reporting series, we are featuring two reports that support operational decision making and analysis.  Utilizing these reports allows you to gain a deeper understanding of inventory status and promotion effectiveness.

Inactive Inventory Report: The Inactive Inventory Report is a great way to look for dead inventory (i.e. items never being sold). We suggest running the report one category at a time with a “Last Sold Date Prior To” date of at least 6 months prior to the current date. The report will list any inventory items that haven’t had activity since the date entered. This allows you to see if you can return inventory to the vendor, move it to another store, or look for other opportunities to move the inventory out of the store.

Promotion Analysis: This report is full of information regarding your coupons and discounts and how effective they have been to achieve your objectives. It allows you to compare your average gross ticket amounts of invoices with and without a promotion. It also provides this information for specific coupons and discounts individually.

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