Flexibility and powerful reporting are what makes ISI Central an important component for your business.  As we continue our series on ISI Central reports that we began earlier this spring, know that these are only a few of over 90 pre-built and customizable reports exclusive to ISI Central.  We created the two reports below to provide concise and actionable reporting when reviewing employee metrics for your store(s).

  • Employee TimeSheet Audit: The Employee Timesheet Audit report allows you to see if Employees regular time clock in/out times are being edited from the original clock in/out times posted. Excessive timesheet edits can indicate additional timeclock procedure training is needed or potential time theft issues. We recommend this report is reviewed at the end of every pay period.


  • Traffic Report:  The Traffic Report is a useful tool for forecasting employee scheduling based on traffic patterns. The Traffic Report allows you to see trends of business by day and time of day. We suggest running the report for full week periods, such as the last 8 weeks.

Interested in learning more about ISI Central? Contact your ISI sales person at 800.922.3099 or visit us at ints.com.