We’ve spent the last few months highlighting different reports available to you through ISI Central Reports and will continue this month.  Why do we keep talking about ISI Central Reports? Because with over 90 customizable reports available at your fingertips, we firmly believe they are valuable tools to enhance and streamline your business practices!

Featured Reports

  • Invoicing Exception:  The Invoicing Exception Report allows you to look for unexpected activity related to work orders and invoices. Review “Aborts”, “Deletes”, and “Voids” to check for any potential  theft issues in the store. Review the reasons noted by the employee performing the function to ensure they are valid. Abnormal amounts of “Aborts” or “Deletes” by a single employee could also be a training issue where the employee doesn’t know how to correct an entry error within the work order. We recommend this report be scheduled as a weekly report to be automatically emailed to you to review.


  • Cost of Goods by Transaction:  The Cost of Goods by Transaction Report allows for an owner to drill down to individual invoices to view the gross amount of the invoice prior to taxes and promotions, the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) for what was provided, any coupon or discount that was applied, and the COGS as a percent of the net amount of the invoice. The report also provides a hyperlink to the PDF of the invoice for review.

Interested in learning more about ISI Central? Contact your ISI sales person at 800.922.3099 or visit us at ints.com.