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Club Loyalty Program: New Features

Customer loyalty is key to building and strengthening your business.  Our Club Loyalty Program provides the tools for you to reward customers for their loyalty, which in turn supports repeat and new business to your shop through word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals.

In the LubeSoft® release scheduled for early November, we have added a new Points Club feature to the Club Loyalty Program.  The Points Club allows customers to accumulate points and gain flexibility in redeeming rewards. Read More

ISI Marketing Integrations: Build and Strengthen Your Business (Part 2)

Last month, we discussed the importance of an online presence for your business and how the management of your social media profile and on-line reputation helps to engage and retain your customers. Good marketing requires a multi-faceted approach. When all parts of the marketing wheel are working in sync, you have greater impact on customer behavior and enhancing customer experience. Read More

ISI Marketing Integrations: Build and Strengthen Your Business (Part 1)

Effective marketing is one of the cornerstones of success for your fast lube business.  Consistent and varied advertising avenues will prove beneficial in retaining and gaining new customers for the long run of your business. This is why LubeSoft ® offers marketing integrations to assist and streamline your marketing efforts.  Read More

Oil Type Setups: Reporting and Managing

Back in December of 2017 we discussed the functionality and customizable options of Oil Type setups.  With the increase in motor oil types in past years, it has become even more important to use the correct oil type for each vehicle serviced at your facilities.  From a software perspective, the capability of robust reporting and management of these setups provides invaluable data for you to use in your daily operations. Read More

Invoice Management: Emailed Invoices

Invoice Management: Emailed Invoices

Your quick lube is a fast-paced environment.  You want to provide quality service in an efficient manner for your customers so they keep coming back.  LubeSoft® provides powerful tools you need to manage customer data and vehicle information.  Explore how LubeSoft can streamline your invoicing operations at your shop. Read More