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ISI Central Setup: New Tools

Have you ever wished you could do your inventory cost and price changes in a spreadsheet?  

What answers can our team give you about this new ISI Central Setup feature?

Our purpose for the ISI Insider is to provide insight and valuable information on how to maximize and use our tools to elevate your business.  This month we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about the new ISI Central Setup tools.

Contact your ISI salesperson at 800.922.3099 or visit us at ints.com.

General Questions? Contact us at: isi@ints.com


Upcoming LubeSoft® Release

The upcoming 15.17 LubeSoft release will be available this month and we would like to highlight some of the included enhancements.
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Technology Trends Affecting Fast Lubes- Road to Survival or Perdition?

At the recent iFLEX show held May 13-15, Steve Barram, CEO of Integrated Services, Inc. was asked to speak on “Technology Trends Affecting Fast Lubes – Road to Survival or Perdition?” Below is an excellent summary written by NOLN that effectively captured the heart of the presentation.
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ISI Ultrasonic Bay Timer

Customers value speed, transparency and efficiency.  In a fast-paced world where every minute counts, increase customer communication and satisfaction by utilizing ISI Bay Timer.  Bay Timer provides your customer and your techs a simple, yet powerful tool to visibly track service time for vehicles through color-coded bay times.

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ISI Central: Single Store and Multiple Stores

We find it a unique privilege to create solutions for both single store owners and multi-store enterprises. The needs of each are often different, but one thing remains the same for both. Your time is valuable. When you are 1-2 store owner, we recognize the tremendous amount of dedication and sacrifice you pour into running a successful operation. ISI Central was created with the busy entrepreneur in mind. Manage your operations anywhere, anytime.

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