The LubeSoft® Wild Card feature allows you to add parts to the invoice that are special outside purchases, items not kept in inventory.

We recently enhanced our LubeSoft Wild Card feature to allow you to input vendors and vendor reference numbers, along with the detailed item description, store cost and retail price.  Wild Card items must be set up in inventory, with tracking enabled, and vendors you purchase from must be set up in Set Up Vendors.  When invoicing a Wild Card item you will be presented with a list of vendors to select from and an opportunity to input a vendor reference number. During invoicing you can review a vendor list and reference numbers for Wild Card items currently on the invoice.

Using the new vendor and reference number inputs provides better audit tracking for outside purchases.

To learn more about this feature, call your ISI salesperson at 800-922-3099 or ISI support at 800-252-3099. Visit our website at