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Technology Trends – Part 6: What Does It All Mean?

In previous columns this year we touched on topics involving Electric/Hybrid cars, telematics that create the “connected” car, the emerging concept of the “shared fleet”, the potential disruption of the Tesla “non-dealership” model, the growing role of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on our industry and why privacy matters.

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Important Reminder: Make Sure Your LubeSoft® System is Up To Date

If you have not already upgraded your LubeSoft® computer, CPU, to be able to run the most recent updates and receive the latest from filter manufacturers, please contact your ISI salesman. Some of you are missing updated filter changes and additions. Recent feature enhancements include the new browser-based Electronic Service Manual (ESM). Your CPU must meet minimum specifications in order to use the updated ESM. Please do not delay any further if you have not already updated. Read More

ESM Redesign: Read What Operators Are Saying

Our redesigned LubeSoft® ESM (Electronic Service Manual) was released this summer and we couldn’t be more excited. The latest ESM update is browser-based and offers powerful and intuitive navigation with added functionality and features.

Here are just a few things our operators are saying about the redesign.

“I’ve used the ISI Lubesoft™ system for some time and always look forward to the next update! The information from the Quick Lubrication Guide incorporated into the ESM screen has been my favorite feature. I’m a big believer in the Chek-Chart books and now Lubesoft has even more specs, diagrams, and applications available in the updated Electronic Service Manual. I really appreciate being able to look up the wiper blade sizes and avoid having to spend time looking them up online or in a catalogue. The ESM redesign is the best update yet!” Read More

ISI Central Setups: Video Tutorials

Did you know that we have short instructional videos to help you navigate the features of ISI Central Setups? Our priority is to equip you with resources to help you feel confident and informed as you use ISI Central Setups to manage both your organization’s ISI Central users and your store’s core LubeSoft® system setups.  If you have not done so already, we encourage you to explore the informative videos below about ISI Central Setups and ISI Central User Creation. 

  • Accessing Setups
    • Introductory video designed to show users how to login and access ISI Central Setups
  • Inventory Setups
    • How to manage inventory setups
  • Promotions Setup
    • How to manage coupons and discount setups
  • Employee Setups
    • How to manage employee setups
  • Fleet Setups
    • How to manage fleet setups
  • User Creation
    • How to create and manage new ISI Central users for your organization
  • Calendar Setups
    • How to set up and manage the calendar

To access these videos, log into ISI Central, select Documentation, select ISI Central, and Training Videos.  

Want to learn more? Contact your ISI salesperson at 800.922.3099 or visit us at ints.com.

Technology Trends – Part 5: Privacy vs Convenience.

In previous columns we considered trends involving Electric/Hybrid cars, telematics that create the “connected” car (giving rise to the “shared fleet” concept), the potential disruption of the Tesla “non-dealership” model, as well as some discussion about the growing role of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on our industry.

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