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Technology Trends – Part 1: Electric/Hybrid

Our industry, like all others faces constant evolution of the myriad technologies needed by us to thrive. The hope and objective of this series is to provide meaningful context in which to critically evaluate what these trends may mean for your business – both today and for the future. Hopefully, telling the “technology neighborhood” story rather than simply providing data will be useful.

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Safely Servicing Customers in the Car

In the current environment of COVID-19, keeping store employees and customers safe is paramount. Historically, some stores have had customers go into a waiting room during service. However, as a result of the current situation, many of those operators are evaluating what it may look like to keep the customer in the vehicle.

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Touchless Payment Systems

Using contactless credit card processing to lower the risk of exposure for your customer and employee is a practical step that can be taken to make the process of collecting payment safer and more secure.

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Taking Advantage of Inventory Tools During Drastic Changes in Volumes

Shops have experienced wild and unexpected change in car counts. Days open and days closed are different than in the normal course of business. Shop owners are having to take into consideration surrounding inventory functions and adapt to the rapidly changing environment. Here are a few steps we think helpful as you evaluate and use your inventory tools to adjust to the current needs of society.

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New Normal: Online Library of Video and Article Resources

While we adapt to the “new normal” in an evolving environment, our mission is to support your business with resources to help your operations thrive in a time of uncertainty.  We will be releasing articles and videos for you to use with actionable ways to safely offer services to your customers. Read More