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2018 ISI Christmas Party

We had a great ISI Christmas Party this year! Every year our executive team cooks and serves a homemade breakfast for our employees to say thank you for all of their hard work. We also setup food and candy stations throughout the office.

A special congratulations to our President’s Award – Employee of the Year (2018) winners Jodie Basaraba and Keith Nelson and CEO Choice Award (2018) winner Jeff Fisch.

Adjusted Store Ticket Average

In the latest LubeSoft® 15.14 Release notes sent out a few weeks ago, we featured the new LubeSoft enhancement “Adjusted Store Ticket Average”.  As the needs of the fast lube industry change, our mission is to enhance LubeSoft to better support your business.

As our customers have expanded the variety of services offered, many have asked for a way to effectively measure core business trends, such as oil changes and fluid maintenance services, without new services in the mix. The new Adjusted Store Ticket Average allows you to exclude specific categories from your regular Store Ticket Average. As an example, exclude the tire sales, installation and rotation categories and tire promotion category to have an Adjusted Store Ticket Average of all services except tire related items.

Adjusted Store Ticket Average appears on LubeSoft View Daily Statistics, the Transaction Report, and on ISI Central Mobile Stats so you can monitor your core business.

Interested in learning more about how to maximize this feature? Contact your ISI sales person at 800.922.3099.

Club Loyalty Program: New Features

Customer loyalty is key to building and strengthening your business.  Our Club Loyalty Program provides the tools for you to reward customers for their loyalty, which in turn supports repeat and new business to your shop through word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals.

In the LubeSoft® release scheduled for early November, we have added a new Points Club feature to the Club Loyalty Program.  The Points Club allows customers to accumulate points and gain flexibility in redeeming rewards. Read More

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from your spooky friends at ISI!

ISI Marketing Integrations: Build and Strengthen Your Business (Part 2)

Last month, we discussed the importance of an online presence for your business and how the management of your social media profile and on-line reputation helps to engage and retain your customers. Good marketing requires a multi-faceted approach. When all parts of the marketing wheel are working in sync, you have greater impact on customer behavior and enhancing customer experience. Read More