We are excited to announce our latest LubeSoft® release, POS 15.27, which introduces the building of vehicles based on ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) identifiers.  This allows ISI to provide additional specification and application data for vehicles.

 In addition to identifying Year, Make, Model, and Engine (YMME), the system now also prompts for Submodel and Drive Type, when applicable. Most VIN’s do not include the submodel so you will often be required to select the submodel. Submodel can be skipped until it is required for viewing some vehicle specifications in the ESM. After the POS 15.27 update, to the extent possible, any existing vehicles in your database will be converted from YMME to ACES during the invoicing process based on the VIN (using VIN explosion) or the YMME data. Incorporating ACES vehicle definitions will allow ISI to update and expand the ESM parts offered in LubeSoft, such as the new Vehicle Lights tab.

Look for additional information in the documentation that will accompany the upcoming release.