Quickly & Easily Review Services with Customers

LubeSoft Service Review is a powerful service review tool that assists your team in educating customers with owner’s manual recommendations displayed on a color-coded bar graph with red for ‘Due Now’, yellow for ‘Due Soon’ and green for ‘OK’.

Reviewing your customers’ service information is made easy through a dynamic on-screen display and a printed ‘take home’ version. In addition to the graph presentation, a separate text form with complete service history and recommendations is also available for your customer to take with them. The on-screen display creates a dynamic method for educating customers about important services for vehicles while the printed forms act as an effective marketing tool to encourage your customer to return for future services. Additional service videos and image content engage and educate customers on the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.

uilt specifically for the Apple® iPad®, your technicians can review service recommendations, service history, and benefit videos with your customers anywhere in your shop! The iPad’s crystal-clear display makes the graphical presentation,  service forms and benefit videos pop off the screen like never before! Touchscreen functionality makes it incredibly easy to navigate through the GSR, and with formatting built specifically for the iPad, the GSR adjusts to both portrait and landscape formats as your rotate the device. Enhance your customer service with the Mobile Service Review!

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“Our experience has been 100% positive across the board. The guys have really taken to it. It’s given us a way to keep our daily ticket average consistently high.”

Steve Morrow
Grease Monkey — Colorado

“We’re up $7.23 per car since using the Service Review. What better tool to give to my employees when speaking to and advising customers! GSR gives us the credibility that we didn’t have in the past. Preventative Maintenance Schedules at our fingertips provides us with the vital information we need to succeed. Not only does the customer have intervals, they have prices as well. Now they can compare with our competition and realize we can save them money. Building trust with our customers allows us to prosper and thrive within our business.”

Rodney Schmidt
QuikStop Oilube — Indiana