Your quick lube is a fast-paced environment. Customers expect quality service and they expect it quickly. So the last thing to slow you down should be your software management system. That’s why LubeSoft utilizes customized hardware solutions to provide superior performance when you need it most. Learn how our software and hardware solutions maximize your service performance.

i7 Computer

To meet your customers’ needs, you depend on LubeSoft® for timely information and the performance to deliver quality service in a quick, efficient manner.  With the Intel® Core i7 processor, LubeSoft now provides more performance so you can exceed your customers’ needs.

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Wireless VIN Scanner

Built with customer service in mind, ISI’s wireless VIN scanner allows you to quickly & accurately generate vehicle work orders. Integrated Bluetooth® technology provides up to 50 feet of wireless VIN scanning capability so you can acquire vehicle information before vehicles even pull into a bay. A single scan immediately populates your customer’s vehicle year, make, model and engine size information into a LubeSoft work order.

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Thin Client

The thin client is a powerful, low cost terminal providing a graphical environment with instant access to LubeSoft®, the Internet and graphical applications anywhere on the network.

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Thermal AutoSticker

Window stickers have become an essential marketing tool constantly reminding your customers to get their oil changed regularly — and to have it changed at your shop. The Thermal AutoSticker® from ISI was created using innovative thermal printing technology, making it bigger, bolder and brighter than most other window stickers.

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