“Coming Soon” and “Major Changes” are phrases you have seen in recent ISI Insider issues. In these times we are all living with change. Change can be difficult and overwhelming, but the new ESM release is a change we are excited about. The redesign is now in beta release with general release scheduled for the beginning of July.

The reaction of our beta users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Technicians are saying:

“Nice new layout, easy to understand.”

 “It flows well and looks great.”

 “Looking forward to having the Wiper Blade sizes added soon!”                                      (Editor’s Note – Wiper blade sizes will be included in the general release)

To enjoy a great user experience with the new LubeSoft ESM, the ISI team recommends the following minimum server specifications. Very busy stores, or locations with a large number of concurrent users (bay stations) or processes, may benefit from an even more powerful server. The ISI Team also suggests checking your thin clients, as some older thin clients may benefit with being upgraded.

Minimum Server Specification: Intel i5 processor with 8GB RAM

We are excited for this update and want to help you be as prepared as possible. If you are unsure about your computer specifications and thin clients or have other questions, please call your ISI salesperson at 800.922.3099 or visit us at ints.com.