The old adage, “The only constant in life is change,” has never been more accurate of the fast-lube industry than it is now. Increasing oil costs, changing service intervals, decreasing car counts and diminishing margins are forcing lube operators to adjust their business models in search of new service segments that can increase profits. As a result, many lube operators are exploring additional service repair options to expand their range of service capabilities.

Expanding your shop’s capabilities to perform more services requires a new level of automated tools and information access. Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) by Epicor®, formerly Activant®, now provides those tools with seamless integration to your current LubeSoft® system. Add powerful eCatalogs, estimating and Web-based part sourcing to your shop and get the following benefits:

  • One keystroke from your ISI LubeSoft system launches a mechanical estimate with vehicle, customer and other key information already populated.
  • All parts, labor and pricing information generated in ISE is seamlessly transferred to the LubeSoft invoice where the invoice can be completed.
  • Epicor AConneX® connectivity checks local inventory maintained in LubeSoft and your local parts supplier.
  • Utilizes user defined or standard job codes.
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