2014 ISI Awards

We’re excited and proud to announce the 2014 ISI Awards. Please help us in congratulating the amazing people below:

2014 Support Person of the Year – Victor L. Bartruff III
Every year, ISI’s customers cast their ballot for the Support Person of the Year. This year’s winner is Victor L. Bartruff III. Customers voted Victor as the Support Person of the Year for his outstanding customer service. Victor has been a valuable member of the ISI team since 1993.

2013 CEO Choice Award – Ben Arthur
2014 CEO Choice Award is an award to honor an employee who has demonstrated strong commitment to the ideals for which ISI stands and to honor those whose jobs are often not as visible in their importance to the successful operation of the ISI team. The 2014 award winner is Ben Arthur.

2014 Presidents Award / Employee of the Year – Todd S. Sasser and Janis Sweek
Receiving the Presidents / Employee of the Year Award is a very high honor because not only does it recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond in serving our customers, but it is voted on by fellow ISI peers & employees. This year’s recipients are Todd S. Sasser and Janis Sweek.