The oil change window sticker, sometimes called the “reminder sticker”, is one of the most common forms of direct marketing used by stores. The window sticker is a constant reminder to your customers where they had their oil changed and when the next service needs to be performed. By staying in front of your customers, you keep them coming back time and again.

Typically, the window sticker lists information about when the next oil change is due, both by date and mileage. However, expanded fast lube service offerings and a changing legislative landscape are prompting changes to this vital piece of communication with your customers.

LubeSoft® already allows you to set default recommendation intervals, have the system compute intervals based on manufacturer preventative maintenance schedules, or save customer specific intervals. With the current release, ISI added two more options for configuring your window sticker.

Limit window sticker printing to oil changes
Much of the fast lube industry has expanded into a broader range of maintenance services, so customers are visiting shops in between oil changes to have other service performed. During these visits, you don’t want to print a new oil change reminder sticker. LubeSoft now allows you to limit printing of the window sticker to only those visits that include an oil change.

Current service date and mileage on window sticker
Some state legislatures are discussing additional limitations to the information automotive shops may include on a window sticker. ISI is aware of proposals to limit service information to only the current service information. To accommodate, ISI has added an option to print the current service date and mileage on the window sticker.

To learn more about the new options for your window sticker please refer to LubeSoft 15.11 update documentation or call ISI Support.