Loyal customers are the cornerstone of any successful business but simply providing the best service is not enough these days. Customers are looking for the best price, highest quality and most convenient service. They are highly informed and not afraid to shop around to find the best service from a merchant that rewards and recognizes their loyalty.

The Loyalty Club Program allows you to reward customers for their loyalty as repeat customers and can be incremented by the number of qualifying visits to your store or by the number of qualifying services performed on an invoice. You can specify what the reward should be (coupons/discounts or free services) and what services qualify as counting toward that reward.

Creating and maintaining a reward program is a great way to provide longevity and repeat business to your shop. Loyal customers are invaluable resources that can provide free word-of-mouth marketing, customer referrals, and a sustainable flow of new traffic. By rewarding your faithful customers, you can build a strong brand and reduce marketing costs, all while gaining valuable feedback.
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