In continuation of our reporting series, we are featuring another report that supports operational decision making and analysis.  Utilizing this report allows you to gain a deeper understanding of employee performance and appropriately evaluate and adjust training accordingly.


Services Sold by Employee Report:

Building upon the insights provided by the “Conversion Ratio by Employee” report, the “Services Sold by Employee” report offers a more detailed breakdown of each employee’s performance in presenting and selling “Due Now” service types. This report empowers you to identify specific areas where additional support and training can make a significant impact.  By using these reports in conjunction, you can unlock the full potential of your staff and drive sales growth. Identify top performers, recognize opportunities for improvement, and equip your team with the necessary tools to succeed.

We recommend utilizing this report over a few weeks to establish a baseline, comparing the performance of your stronger employees and identifying areas where additional training and support may be needed. 

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