We are excited to announce our newest feature, the ability to process refunds in LubeSoft®! Our latest enhancement empowers you to process full or partial refunds with ease and efficiency, all while ensuring a comprehensive record of the transaction. 

The new refund menu, which operates much like our existing “Reprint Invoice” or “Void Invoice” options, offers the flexibility to refund to the original payment method or in cash. With this feature, we’ve not only enhanced the convenience and speed of managing refunds but also created a seamless system for keeping track of these transactions. LubeSoft’s ability to process refunds will contribute to an even smoother and more efficient experience for your facility. 

Key Features:

    • Effortless Refunds: Process full or partial refunds quickly and easily through LubeSoft®.
    • Record Keeping: Maintain a record of all refund transactions.
    • Payment Flexibility: Choose to refund via credit card or cash, depending on your customer’s preference.
    • Streamlined Operations: This feature enhances operational efficiency, making your facility even more customer-focused.
    • Compatible with ISIPay: Use the refund feature with ISIPay

We’re excited to see how this addition will benefit your business and help you provide an even better service to your customers.