There is a reason for the way we do things in the Fast Lube Industry. Consistency. Customers need to feel comfortable knowing they will get the same quality of service each and every time. That is why we all need Standard Operating Procedures in place. One statement I always hated to hear was: “They didn’t do that last time!” Consistency should be a bell weather mark in our stores.

We established the 3 “E”s in our Standard Operating Procedures. This means everythingis done to every car each and every time. This builds consistency and in return, the customers know they will get the exact same service every single time.

Consistency in performing courtesy services is twofold. Standard procedure is to insure that all courtesy services are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Our courtesy services include exterior window cleaning, vacuuming the interior and checking tire pressure. Our procedure calls for window cleaning first, vacuuming second and checking tire pressure last. There are two reasons for completing the services in this order. By washing the windows first, the tech has a damp towel to wipe his hands before entering the vehicle to vacuum. This insures he has clean hands and will not leave dirty fingerprints on the floor mats or upholstery. After completing the interior portion of the courtesy service, the tech should move on to the tires, which is the part of the service they will get their hands dirty. When the next vehicle arrives for service, the cycle repeats itself by allowing the tech to start with the window cleaning so their hands are clean to move on to the interior.

The second reason for doing services in this exact order is if a bay tech completes the service on a vehicle in his bay and does not have another vehicle entering for servicing, he could look to the adjoining bay and see what the courtesy tech is doing. If the tech is vacuuming the car, the additional tech knows immediately that the tires have not been checked, allowing him to slide over and start on the tire check services. He does not need to interrupt the courtesy tech to ask questions, instead he is able to jump in and start on the next task.

Consistency plays a huge part in conducting the service review. The service review is often the most inconsistent procedure completed at a store. In other words, many stores are seriously lacking the regular completion of conducting service reviews. A service review MUST be completed on every car, every time. When a service review is presented to every customer, you will build trust and loyalty. The primary goal is to educate your customers with a simple, straightforward approach.

In a recent study we conducted, we found that a service review was only being conducted 18.58 percent of the time. The astonishing result of the survey was that 73.38 percent of the service reviews completed resulted in add-on goods or services. How many additional sales dollars were lost due to a failure to present the service review?

Consistency builds a confidence level for both your employees and the customer. It enhances customer service, which ultimately builds a better bottom line.