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How are you marketing your store?

How are you marketing your store? Are you sending your customers up-to-date reminders about their service through varied communication channels?

LubeSoft “Message of the Day”

Taking advantage of LubeSoft’s “message of the day” feature can enhance your customer reach and benefit your business marketing efforts with a few simple steps!

Maximize your software’s capability by using the opportunity to communicate with your customers by using customizable “messages” placed on the bottom of each invoice. Use this chance to present options such as bounce-back coupons or discount reminders to your customers.

Because the message can be changed frequently, daily if desired, the ability to strategically tailor the message according to current store promotions can be highly beneficial to customer communication strategies.

Email, Text & Voicemail

In addition to the message of the day, using multiple communication avenues increases your ability to effectively interact with your customers.
E-mail, text, and voicemail reminders are all options with LubeSoft in conjunction with third party offerings.
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How does the cloud affect your business?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the “cloud” lately. But what does it really mean?
Let’s take a look at how the cloud affects you and the value it can bring to your

First off, what is the cloud?

Very simply put, the “cloud” is a virtual server available over the Internet. The cloud can be used for file storage, data recovery, and as a central repository for convenient access to files from any location. By using cloud-based storage, files can be accessible anytime, anywhere. All that is needed to access the cloud is a web browser and a working Internet connection. Learn more

Want to take a look at your store’s closing reports for the day, but you are already at home? No problem. On the road and want to analyze real-time transactions? Easy. Cloud based computing allows you to be anywhere you want without compromising your ability to run your business effectively.

How does the cloud benefit you?

Using a cloud-based system allows you to pull together data from multiple stores for
real-time reporting. The ability to access your store’s information from any location
is a powerful management tool. With each store’s data automatically syncing to
the cloud, you have the ability to track your store’s progress with the most current
information. This allows you, as the business owner, the flexibility to manage
operations remotely. Permission-based access is built into the system, allowing
secure connections to your data.

What is ISI doing about it?

WebCentral is a secure hosted warehouse of Lubesoft data available through the
cloud. With its cloud capability, you can access reports, scheduling, graphs, and the
most current data from any device. WebCentral saves you time by providing the
freedom to check on any of your stores from any location. Real-time updates allow
you to make evaluations with the latest information. This is a resource you don’t
want to miss out on!