Last month we discussed emerging trends in technology and what it means to analyze the impact of these changes on your business.  Steve Barram, CEO of Integrated Services Inc. has written a series of articles, with the fourth one having just been published in NOLN.  In the August edition of NOLN, Steve addresses the impact of artificial intelligence within the quick lube industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may become an integral part of our businesses in the not so distant future.  There is a myriad of nuanced pieces to consider as we move forward in integrating AI into the automotive industry.  Ethical responsibility, bias examination, and the implication of policies and regulations on liability are just a few of the complexities AI faces.  Steve Barram encourages business owners to examine how AI could be integrated into their lube centers and the implications it has for customer relationships, building trust, and the future of the workforce.  

You can view the full articles on ISI’s blog.

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