Invoice Management: Emailed Invoices

Your quick lube is a fast-paced environment.  You want to provide quality service in an efficient manner for your customers so they keep coming back.  LubeSoft® provides powerful tools you need to manage customer data and vehicle information.  Explore how LubeSoft can streamline your invoicing operations at your shop.

E-mailed receipts and invoices have become much more commonplace in the retail environment.  This provides benefits for both the customer and your quick lube alike.  For the customer, they are able to receive an immediate electronic record of service without the need for a paper copy.  It also promotes the value of reducing environmental waste.  For you, it lowers costs (less ink, paper, and printer maintenance) and the collection of a valid email address can lead to better and more effective downstream marketing efforts through the many 3rd party marketing integrations available through LubeSoft.  We are seeing that customers are much more willing to provide a valid email address now that emailed invoices are used by the majority of retail companies.

Key features of emailed invoices:

  • Email the customer their invoice immediately upon closing out the invoice
  • Automatic email fleet invoice: Upon closing out the invoice, automatically email it to the designated person at the fleet office. Setup the automatic email fleet invoice in Set Up Charge Customers.
  • Utilize the sending of a group of PDF invoices to a designated person in the fleet office or other customer office
  • Send a PDF copy of an invoice to a customer, upon request, from either LubeSoft or ISI Central
  • Track email collection success via the ISI Central Reporting

Emailed invoices is a simple, yet powerful, tool that can reduce costs and open up opportunities for engaging your customers in ongoing marketing efforts.

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