ISI Central Reporting

ISI Central is your web portal to a secure, hosted warehouse of LubeSoft® data from your stores. It manages the collection of near real-time and nightly data allowing you to transform your store data into a variety of meaningful reports.

  • Pre-Built Report Templates
  • Customize Existing Reports
  • Format Graphs & Charts
  • Report Scheduling

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ISI Central Setups

ISI Central Setups is your web-based solution for centrally managing your LubeSoft® store configurations – anytime, anywhere. Every setup includes a list view with powerful features to simplify working with large volumes of data.

  • Hosted Service for Controlling Setups
  • Copy to Individual Stores or Regions
  • Powerful Inventory Grid Layout
  • Intuitive List and Detail Views
  • Multi-Layered Security Features

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Personalized Reporting

Customize existing reports or design new reports to best fit your management needs. The powerful and intuitive report designer gives you ready access to your store data. Adjustable time periods, formatting charts and graphs, and exporting store data as excel spreadsheets, pdf’s and powerpoint documents are just a few of the flexible reporting tools within ISI Central.

Report Scheduling

Use report scheduling to automate generation of reports to send to designated email recipients.

ISI Central Mobile Stats

View mobile stats for current day key metrics via your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™  mobile device.