While the use of mobile technology is no longer a new concept, the way it is used to interact with your customers says a lot about your company.

Using Apple iPad® technology signals to your customer you are using cutting edge tools to enhance their experience in your store while ensuring they have the highest level of service available to them.

Customers pay attention when they feel cared for and noticed.  In a world where a hectic pace often has a negative impact on the consumer’s in-store experience, it’s important to find ways to show customers they are valued and prioritized.

Using mobile technology when you greet your customer creates an immediate and positive impact on your customer. Quickly greeting them as they arrive shows you care about their time.

Using mobile technology during your service review process allows you and your staff to meet your customers wherever they are on your property without forcing them to “come to you.” This communicates a respect for your customer’s time and space while creating a convenient avenue to review recommended services for their vehicle.

Using mobile technology as you cash out your customer, including using integrated EMV (chip) certified mobile payment processing, makes it easy for your customer to pay any place in your store. Customers can even pay via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay. Customers appreciate you using the latest in security protection for their private information.

Using mobile technology with LubeSoft® Mobile Greeter, Service Review, Electronic Signature Capture, and Cashier shows your customer you care about their time, are offering peace of mind about their service, and care about a high level of security for their information.

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