As our industry adapts and anticipates changes in technology trends in the coming years, it is vital to evaluate these changes within the context of what this means for your business.  Steve Barram, CEO of Integrated Services Inc. (ISI) presented on this topic at the 2019 iFlex tradeshow and has written a series of articles, three of which have been published in National Oil and Lube News (NOLN).  As you consider emerging market trends, we hope these thoughts are useful as you look toward the future of this industry.

Technology Trends- Electric/Hybrid (Part 1)

In this article, Steve examines how to thoughtfully explore the questions we should all be asking as we see an increase in electric and hybrid cars on the road.  What does it mean to service the battery? How do we draw customers into the shop?  In what ways do we adapt to the needs of electric cars and communicate with customers that you offer these services?  Explore the possibility of what it means to be “electric” friendly and adapt your business to serve the changing landscape of customers.

Technology Trends – Telemetrics and Shared Fleets (Part 2)

By 2050 as many as 1 in 3 miles driven could be from a shared fleet vehicle.  As telemetrics and connected cars continue to develop, our model will likely shift from focusing on the individual vehicle owner to the shared fleet owner.  Hours of service, maintenance intervals, and software connections between the management software, car, and Lube shop all need to be taken into consideration as business owners alter their model for providing service for customers.

Technology Trends – Tesla “The Shot Across the Bow” (Part 3)

As Tesla has disrupted the current distribution model for selling cars, a potential opportunity has arisen for lube centers and dealerships to create micro partnerships in ways not previously possible. Steve dives into the possibilities of developing new relationships with dealerships as they move away from the traditional sales model and focus more on level two or three service.  This creates opportunities for business referral to lube shops for level one service needs.

In the next article that will be published in the August edition of NOLN, Steve explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence and what that may mean for the quick lube industry.  You can view the full articles on ISI’s blog.

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