ISI’s desire and priority is to continually enhance our products to meet your needs in ways that are practical, provide powerful tools and reflect the changing environment in which you operate.  As the year comes to a close we want to highlight a few key features that have been added to the LubeSoft® and ISI Central products.  

Highlights of 2018 Features:

  • Adjusted Store Ticket Average
    • Adjusted Ticket Average allows you to exclude specific categories from the regular Store Ticket Average (for example, exclude tire sales to show an Adjusted Store Ticket Average of all services except tire sales).   You can view Adjusted Ticket Average on LubeSoft View Daily Statistics, the Transaction Report, and on ISI Central Mobile Stats so you can monitor your core business.
  • Club Loyalty: Points Club
    • Points Club allows customers to accumulate points and gain flexibility in redeeming rewards.  Customers accumulate points based on their invoice net sales amount and are able to choose when to redeem available awards.
  • Enhanced Security on Fleet and Club Promotions
    • For certain promotions (manager discretion, fleet, club or high value), you may not want them listed for a cashier to easily select. With the 15.14 LubeSoft release, a flag is added to coupon/discount setup to control whether a promotion appears in the F1 Help screen during tendering.
  • Online LubeSoft User Guide and Reports Guide
    • User and Report guides are now web-based guides for access anytime, anywhere.  Customers have the ability to use the search function to locate specific information within the guides.
  • Specify Oil Type by Service
    • LubeSoft® Oil Type setups allows you to configure Oil Types (Conventional, Semi-Synthetic, Synthetic, Synthetic 2-5, High Mileage and more) on your oil change job(s) to limit which oils are allowed with the service. Once configured, the software prevents incorrect oils from being sold for varying tiers of oil change services. For example, a Basic Full Service may be configured to only allow conventional oil, or a Synthetic Service configured to only allow synthetic oils.

During the holiday season, more than ever, our thoughts turn to sincere gratitude towards you, who have made our business possible.

Happy Holidays!



Integrated Services, Inc.