Last month, we discussed the importance of an online presence for your business and how the management of your social media profile and on-line reputation helps to engage and retain your customers. Good marketing requires a multi-faceted approach. When all parts of the marketing wheel are working in sync, you have greater impact on customer behavior and enhancing customer experience.

This month, we are focusing on new customer acquisition and retention using the LubeSoft® tools already available to you.

  • Try customizing your approach to new customer acquisition. Increase your return rate using existing customer data to send targeted mailers to non-customers within your market. LubeSoft marketing integration partners are available to support targeted mailing campaigns that are simple to setup and easy to maintain.
  • E-mail and text marketing are great options for improving retention. Do you know the e-mail open rate on your marketing communications? Our integration partners offer proven methods for increasing your email capture rate and the insight needed to send targeted communication. Set up regular reminders or special offers (e-mail and text) and yield a higher return on investment by leveraging their expertise.

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