In July of 2020, we introduced the powerful and intuitive re-design of the Electronic Service Manual® (ESM). ESM provides you important Motor Chek-Chart vehicle information directly from the work-order screen.  The updates offer browser-based navigation with increased ease and accessibility of added functionality.  Operators are saying the new ESM has expedited their workflow and is the best update yet!  

The updated ESM has additional features to enhance your service. The additional information includes: 

  • Wiper Blade – Driver, Passenger and Rear Size information
  • Engine Diagram – View oil dipstick, oil fill cap, and more placement information
  • Chassis Diagram – View fuel filter, check plug, and more placement information
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) – Specifications and capacity information
  • Oil Pan Drain Plug Torque – Torque specification
  • Oil Filter Types, Torques and Procedures – Filter type, torque and procedure information
  • Coolant – Capacity and Coolant Type specification information
  • Air Conditioner – Refrigerant Capacity and fluid specification information

To learn more about the new ESM, log into ISI Central, select “Documentation”, select “LubeSoft®”, and then view Graphical ESM Walkthrough in “Training Videos”.

Call your sales person to learn more about the ESM redesign at 800-922-3099 or ISI support at 800-252-3099. Visit our website at