Mobile Service Review is one of the most impactful tools you can be using on a day-to-day basis with your customers.  Why do we keep talking about it? Because we believe it has such a huge and lasting impact on the way you conduct business and your bottom line.  Mobile Service Review is a tool to help employees educate customers on manufacturer maintenance plans. 

Mobile Service Review allows you to use your Apple iPad® to engage your customers and review recommended services anywhere in your store or on your lot.  With an easy-to-read interface and tap n’ go features, Mobile Service Review offers immediate value to your customers in the form of convenience and easy to understand service recommendations. For a printed service review option, there are many ways to configure and customize the layout.  Custom footers, logos, services to print, and graphs vs. details are all options to include.

Stores who consistently use LubeSoft® Mobile Service Review notice the results it brings to their customers and their stores. With no up front software cost and low monthly usage fees, Mobile Service Review provides a cost effective way to build value for your customers and for your store.

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