Advertising and Promotions are a vital component of operating a business, including your lube center.  However, tracking the success and effectiveness of your campaigns is equally as important as the advertising itself.

Tracking promotions, including Coupons and Discounts, has been an available tool to you in LubeSoft® since the beginning.  Like any other tool, how you use it determines the effect it can have on the management of your business.

To understand specific results of a campaign, targeted tracking of the campaign is required.  Recommended best practice is to have a specific coupon or discount code in LubeSoft setup for each of your promotions.  For example, if you run the same newspaper ad in a Wednesday edition and a Friday edition, it would be prudent to use two separate promotion codes in LubeSoft.  Even if the offer is the same, you will be able to quantify the results of each day to determine which was more successful.

As you plan annual promotions, it’s helpful to plan promotion tracking simultaneously. Having a plan for tracking promotions throughout the year allows you to effectively use LubeSoft and ISI Central reporting tools to assess the success of a promotion. Regularly monitoring promotions allows you to quickly re-adjust campaigns if you find you aren’t meeting your objectives.

The LubeSoft 15.10 release will offer new features in Coupon/Discount setups that will allow you to expand your promotional offerings.

New features include:

  • Set a dollar limit on the value of a discount
  • Quantity based promotion requirements – ex “Buy 3, Get 1 Free”
    • Set minimum quantity required to apply promotion
    • Option to specify whether a discount applies to lowest or highest price for related items.
  • Option to require employee password with adequate security level in order to apply promotion
  • Apply/Exclude based on Category or Service Code

Plan your promotion campaigns and tracking so LubeSoft will help you know the results.

To learn how to utilize the Coupons/Discount tool, contact your ISI salesperson for more information.

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