Through the years, types of motor oil have expanded from conventional to a variety of synthetic and high mileage oils. Selecting the proper Oil Type is important for servicing vehicles correctly, and the data can be used to better understand your sales and customer behaviors.

LubeSoft® Inventory allows you to configure oil items with an Oil Type such as: Conventional, Semi-Synthetic, Synthetic, Synthetic 1-5 (to accommodate varying grades of synthetic), High Mileage and Other. Below are some benefits of using Oil Type in LubeSoft.

Oil Type Benefits:

  • Enhanced Reporting – The ISI Central Business Summary and Statistics report includes a breakdown of tickets by Oil Type. You can also create custom reports using Oil Type by referencing Item Oil Type from the Invoice Line Item data source.
  • Process Control when Servicing Vehicles – LubeSoft also allows you to configure Oil Types on your oil change job(s) to limit which oils are allowed with the service. Once configured, the software prevents incorrect oils from being sold for varying tiers of oil change services. For example, a Basic Full Service may be configured to only allow conventional oil, or a Synthetic Service configured to only allow synthetic oils.

Using the Oil Type setups helps your technicians provide better service and gives you better information about your oil change sales.

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