The 15.11 LubeSoft release is now available and we would like to highlight some of the included enhancements.

  • Window Sticker Enhancements
    • Limit printing of window stickers by services on the work order. If a work order does not have line items with a qualifying service code, a sticker will not print.
    • Current Date and Mileage can now be printed on the sticker instead of a future Date and Mileage.
  • Accept Multiple Credit Cards During Tendering
    • The system now accepts up to 5 different credit cards per invoice during tendering.
  • Fleet Billing Integration
    • Quickly and seamlessly get real-time updates and validation before you cash out customers while increasing the speed and accuracy of invoice payments.
    • The integration includes:
      • Integration with National Fleets featuring Element, Donlen, etc.
      • Faster and more accurate fleet invoice payments
      • Local Fleets have the ability to enroll in the fleet billing integration approval process
      • Real-time update of required fleet entry items
      • Real-time work order validation before cash out
  • Email Invoices
    • Automatically email fleet invoices to up to 3 different email addresses at the time of ring-out.
  • OS Security Updates
    • The operating system has been updated with all currently available security updates.

Please reference the 15.11 update documents you received or contact ISI Support at 800.252.3099 if you have additional questions.

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