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Employee Spotlight:  Training and Installation Supervisor

At ISI we believe we have some of the best people and are proud to work side by side with them every day.  Continuing on from our employee features last month, there is another position and individual we want to highlight.

Kevin Case is our Training and Installation Supervisor.  The role of the Training and Installation Supervisor is key to ensuring the smooth transition from sale to installation with a customer.  Many years ago ISI created this role because it was, in our view, the best way to devote attention and provide focused customer service to our new and returning customers during the preparation and installation of our software.

Kevin brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to this role.  Prior to his time at ISI, he worked for a well-known local quick lube company as both a multi-store area supervisor and then with their corporate entity in their training and operations team.  In his time at ISI, Kevin has exhibited a high level of commitment to detail and takes personal interest in ensuring processes run smoothly.

These are just a few of the areas that Kevin oversees:

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webCentral and Our People

Every employee of ISI is highly valued for their talent, dedication, teamwork, and customer care.  This month we are featuring two employees who are instrumental to the successful implementation of webCentral™, our hosted data warehouse and reporting service.

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Key Business Reports (Continued)

Continuing on from last month, we are featuring two additional webCentral reports that can add huge value to your business. This month’s highlighted reports focus on fleet management and inventory. As we’ve touched on in past Insider articles, effectively managing inventory and customer information is critical to running a profitable and successful business. Using reports from webCentral can help you accomplish this with confidence.

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Key Business Reports

Over the next few installments of the ISI Insider, we will feature key webCentral reports and how they can help enhance your business.   webCentral provides the opportunity for you to turn near real time data and information into meaningful reports for your business.  Today we will be looking at two specific reports that focus on promotions and employee performance.  Take advantage of the potential this can have for your business!

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Understanding Inventory Management

March 10-12th marks the International Fast Lube Expo (iFlex) that will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana.  ISI’s very own Howie Loewen has been selected to lead an educational session titled: Inventory Management: Understanding How Inventory Turnover Impacts Cash Flow.

Howie will highlight key concepts of inventory management and train on the impact inventory turnover has on cash flow.

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