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Reduce Employee Time Theft

Employees are the face of your company. You invest time and money into developing individuals that
will represent your brand with excellence and treat customers with the highest respect. While the hope
is that you have employees that follow guidelines and policies, it is important to take preventative
measures to remove temptation for cutting corners.

Unfortunately, timesheet altering and “theft” is more common than most of us realize. To reduce the
opportunities for employees to do so, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help:

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11.13 LubeSoft Release Updates

The 11.13 LubeSoft® release is here and we want to highlight two key features for you.

With the changes in recent years to expanded services offered in stores and expanded requirements for documenting product information on the invoice, such as the Oil Weights and Measures requirements, ISI has enhanced the inventory setup to meet these needs. These changes include the following:

Expanded Part Number and Description fields throughout LubeSoft

Part number field has expanded to allow up to 15 digit part numbers in Set Up Inventory Items. The Description field has expanded to allow an extended description for your inventory items of up to 185 characters. The expanded description will print on the Plain Paper Invoice formats.

Added Oil Type Designator to Inventory Setups

In Set Up Inventory Items, for motor oil Type ‘L’ items, you can now select from a list the oil type designation for each motor oil you carry. The oil type designations available are: conventional oil, semi-synthetic oil, synthetic oil, high mileage oil, re-refined oil, bio-synthetic oil, heavy duty conventional oil, heavy duty semi-synthetic oil, heavy duty synthetic oil and other.

 You can reference the 11.13 Update Docs you received or contact ISI Support at 800.252.3099 if you have additional questions regarding these new enhancements.

General Questions? Contact us at: isi@ints.com

Employee Spotlight:  Training and Installation Supervisor

At ISI we believe we have some of the best people and are proud to work side by side with them every day.  Continuing on from our employee features last month, there is another position and individual we want to highlight.

Kevin Case is our Training and Installation Supervisor.  The role of the Training and Installation Supervisor is key to ensuring the smooth transition from sale to installation with a customer.  Many years ago ISI created this role because it was, in our view, the best way to devote attention and provide focused customer service to our new and returning customers during the preparation and installation of our software.

Kevin brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to this role.  Prior to his time at ISI, he worked for a well-known local quick lube company as both a multi-store area supervisor and then with their corporate entity in their training and operations team.  In his time at ISI, Kevin has exhibited a high level of commitment to detail and takes personal interest in ensuring processes run smoothly.

These are just a few of the areas that Kevin oversees:

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webCentral and Our People

Every employee of ISI is highly valued for their talent, dedication, teamwork, and customer care.  This month we are featuring two employees who are instrumental to the successful implementation of webCentral™, our hosted data warehouse and reporting service.

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Key Business Reports (Continued)

Continuing on from last month, we are featuring two additional webCentral reports that can add huge value to your business. This month’s highlighted reports focus on fleet management and inventory. As we’ve touched on in past Insider articles, effectively managing inventory and customer information is critical to running a profitable and successful business. Using reports from webCentral can help you accomplish this with confidence.

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