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webCentral Mobile

Life can be hectic.   That is why ISI webCentral mobile was created. webCentral mobile provides a near real-time look at the performance of your stores throughout the day with information updated every five to seven minutes.

Need performance metrics for your store on-the-go? Now you have it. webCentral mobile can be viewed on various devices, such as iPhone®, iPad®, and Android, or on a PC using the Chrome or Safari web browser.  Read More

2014 Award Recipients

We love every chance we get to recognize our people for their outstanding work. Each year in December, ISI presents three awards to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in teamwork and customer service. In this issue of the Insider, we are honored to present the 2014 recipients. Read More

A Special Note from the CEO

This time of year is always a time for reflection and thanks.  As I look back on our twenty-six years in business, it is filled with a very real and sincere gratitude for all you have meant to us as we strive to grow and serve the needs of our industry.

I’ve always said we are not perfect, but we are committed.  I hope we have demonstrated this to you over the many years of you being a part of the ISI family. Your contributions have allowed us to continually endeavor to make our business relevant to your needs.  For that I want to personally thank you.

As this year comes to a close, I want to express our heartfelt wishes for a blessed season and meaningful times with your loved ones.



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Steve Barram


Integrated Services, Inc.

Managing Tires in LubeSoft® just got easier

ISI has added new features in LubeSoft Inventory Setup and LubeSoft Invoicing making it easier for you to setup, track and sell tires.

In the LubeSoft 11.14 release we added a new “Sub-type” designation in Inventory Setup for parts that are Tires. The Sub-type T provides the option to store tire specific information including: Tire Brand, Tire Size, Mileage Warranty, Speed Rating and more. Example:  Michelin, 245/75-16, 60,000, S, etc.

Additional features related to searching for and selling tires have been added.  Here are a few examples:

  • New special help screens to search for tire inventory items during invoicing. Search by one or more key pieces of tire information such as Tire Brand, Size, Speed Rating and more. Instantly see which tires you have in stock based on your search options.
  • Added the collection of tire DOT (Department of Transportation) numbers that also print on our Plain Paper Invoice forms.
  • Created an integration with CIMS (Computerized Information Management Systems) to electronically transmit DOT numbers in order to maintain compliance with NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration). Please contact ISI Sales for further information on how to enroll your store.

For more detailed information about these new Inventory Setup and Tire Search features, refer to your LubeSoft 11.14 User Guide at your store or on webCentral.


General Questions?  Please contact

Reduce Employee Time Theft

Employees are the face of your company. You invest time and money into developing individuals that
will represent your brand with excellence and treat customers with the highest respect. While the hope
is that you have employees that follow guidelines and policies, it is important to take preventative
measures to remove temptation for cutting corners.

Unfortunately, timesheet altering and “theft” is more common than most of us realize. To reduce the
opportunities for employees to do so, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help:

Read More